Friday, November 23, 2012

In a Quiet Spirit

Yesterday we celebrated Thanksgiving with a family at their home here in the East.  The landscape along the way to their house wore the colors of remembering—the gray spray of bare trees, the rust of late-turning oaks, the brown grasses.

It was a very festive gathering, full of holiday fare and happy friends, of delighted children and excited dogs.  All the fixings of a proper feast were present, and everything was enjoyed.  When at last we left to make our way home in the dark, there were hugs and expressions of affection.  Even the dogs raised a howl and cry of farewell.

It was all as far from Thanksgiving Day at Innermost House as it is possible to imagine.  It was so real, it made me realize how far my posts of the past days have been from expressing the reality of the Innermost Life.

I feel a need to pause and reflect, to feel my way toward the center of the Conversation we share.  I think for now, let's pass a few days in the quiet spirit of a happy Thanksgiving.


  1. Very well, Diana. Peace be with you dear. xx

  2. Diana, I'm sorry I wasn't around the Internet during the Thanksgiving weekend. I was visiting my daughter and her husband in NYC. I hope you and Michael had your own special celebration alone after the group festivities ended to rest quietly in gratitude in your innermost silence.


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